Mayer F. – Nishikori K. (PREDICTION) 15.06.2016

Today, 15/06/2016, in tennis tournament ATP – SINGLES: Halle (Germany), grass – 1/8-finals is playing game between Mayer F. – Nishikori K. The meeting will starting at

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Game between Mayer (192) and Nishikori (6), if we concentrate on the Ranking we see that there is a great difference and that Nishikori should win very easily.

We are going to look for the surprise in this meeting for several motives.

One of them is Mayer’s current form, and other one is the problems of back that Nishikori had opposite to Pouille, that though it should not be not worrying at all I do not believe that it forces minimal mas being Wimbledon to the return of the corner.

Mayer comes of conquering Baker in two sets and with many difficulties 7-5 7-6, in Stuttgart perdión in cuatos against Federer for a double 7-6.
It takes a balance sheet of 5-1 in grass this year.

Nishikori conquered in his premiere Pouille for 2 set to 1 (6-7 6-1 6-4), it takes a balance sheet of 1-0 in grass this year, could not have trained very much in grass due to the rain, in addition to had ask fisio against pouille anything that must not be not serious at all since it ended up by gaining the game, but I believe that to the minimal mas inconvenience obtará for not forcing.

Bet Florian Mayer win the game ! Odds.5.00

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