Rybakov is sharp at the moment in college and comes with a number of strong victories and confidence. Kozlov has a high top level and great potential and got a single win in Cleveland, but has fluctuated a lot both this year and last season.

Rybakov comes with great confidence after a good autumn and a strong start in 2019 in college
He has been given a single international match during the belt this year, where he unfortunately lost 7-6 in 3rd to Oliveira
Kozlov fluctuates enormously and does not play with the great self-confidence at the moment

Kozlov’s top level is high and he played an excellent match against Schnur in Cleveland
Rybakov has not played much internationally and it can often be tricky to transfer college form to Challengers
Kozlov raised a single victory home in Cleveland, which may generate some confidence

Tennis Prediction of the Day Alex Rybakov vs Stefan Kozlov

Rybakov is in the middle of a college season, and the question is whether he can mentally focus 100% on this tournament
If Kozlov strikes a stable level, then Rybakov gets it hard and has to play really good tennis to win

He is 2-6 in the last 8 indoor games and has not impressed very much in some of the matches
Rybakov can play relatively freely and the pressure is on Kozlov as the one of the two who play professionally

Prediction Today: Alex Rybakov

Odds: 2.55

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