Alexander Zverev vs John Isner Tennis Prediction

Alexander Zverev

Zverev has complicated his own tournament, so now he has to win to keep his chances of remaining competitive.
He won Cilic in the inaugural round, but was defeated by Novak Djokovic, the highest-rated player in the title.
Theoretically, it should be easy to evolve today, because it will first meet a tired and perhaps most important, lacking motivation.
He still has a solid game on the job, he moves very well on the field, he is well in the defense.

John Isner

He has lost both sides disputed here, both against the Croatian Cilic and against Djokovic, meaning that the American has already taken his plane ticket home.
It has evolved below average, serving poorly, and practically did not return, because it was not able to put pressure on the opponents in the first two games.
In fact, Isner’s season was an oscillating one, lacking constant in the game. The American has long since passed the stage in which he could only rely on his very strong service.
Being a very tall player, he has a poor run, which can cost him the match today.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Alexander Zverev vs John Isner

Zverev is the player in shape at the moment and, most importantly, he has on his part the motivation to reach the semifinals, a very important factor.
I do not think Isner will be able to self-defeat and put on tennis better than what he has shown so far on this tournament.
The American will still be non-existent on the return, but his service is no longer as strong as to pose great problems to the German.
I’m counting on Alexander Zverev’s victory, and I think this victory will come pretty soon.

Prediction Today: Alexander Zverev – 1.5 games

Odds: 1.55



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