All England Club, substantial donation to fight COVID-19

The organizers of the tennis tournament at Wimbledon, whose 2020 edition was canceled, donated the amount of 1.2 million pounds (1.36 million euros) for the fight against coronavirus, reports EFE.

“All England Lawn Tennis Club today announced a series of contributions to support local, national and international recovery from the coronavirus battle following the cancellation of this year’s tournament,” a statement said.

The donation was raised by the tennis club, the Wimbledon Foundation and the tournament itself

All England Club president Ian Hewitt said that as he prepares for a year without a tour, his top priority is “the health and well-being of those who make Wimbledon possible and who suffer from the ravages of the pandemic.”

“We believe that Wimbledon has the responsibility and ability to act together, using our resources to help those in need, especially in such a crisis,” Hewitt said in a statement.

This year’s tournament was the year, a premiere after World War II, while next year’s edition will take place between June 28 and July 11, 2021.

Last year, the Wimbledon tournament was won by Simona Halep, who became a tennis phenomenon.

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