Andrea Collarini vs Marco Cecchinato Tennis Betting Tips

We come with a tip from the other challenger tournament that takes place this week, the ones from Todi, from Italy, from the match between the Argentine Andrea Collarini and one of the favorites of the hosts, Marco Cecchinato, match that is the third of the day scheduled on the central arena and which will start after 15:30. More details, but also the forecast provided, in the following.

Andrea Collarini: Team form, news and statistics

Andrea Collarini is a player who never entered the top 100.
The Argentine was going through a weak form at the moment of the interruption of the season, and now Andrea hopes to find the desired rhythm.
Of course, the South American player is at a much lower level even than his opponent in this round and it is hard to believe that Collarini could produce surprises in the competition in Italy.
Currently in position 197, Collarini prefers slag, like any South American, but this year he has only played in 7 official matches. Only one success for the Argentine, against Martin Cuevas, a very poorly ranked tennis player, at the tournament in Santiago, Chile.
Otherwise, modest to very weak evolutions of the whitish player. Andrea has not played in any training matches lately, so the match in the tournament in Italy will be the first after a long break.
I don’t see how Collarini could produce a surprise in tomorrow’s match, even if the opponent is not a well-ranked one.
I think that the Argentine will fight for his chance, but the hosts’ favorite is much more valuable to be able to lose to the tennis player from South America.

Marco Cecchinato: Team form, news and statistics

We can say that the break was good for Marco Cecchinato. The Italian was in a very weak form, disastrous even in some places at the time of the interruption of the season, so the Italian had all the time to prepare and regain his last form with 2 seasons.
Sure, it’s hard for Marco to return to the level he was in the spring of 2018, but he has the necessary quality to show a much better game than in the first 2 months of the year.
Slag is the favorite surface of the tennis player from the peninsula and the place where he obtained the best results in his career. 16th place at some point, Cecchinato will try to show a game as good as possible in this tournament.
The first opponent on the way is at hand and Marco can adjust to the level of the official competition.
I don’t think it will take too long for the Italian to adjust his game, and if his main weapons, service and lapel will work at full capacity, then he will reach round 2 without emotions.
In addition to evolving in front of his own fans, Marco must also confirm his favorite 2 status at this tournament.
I don’t think that the Italian will have problems in front of Collarini and I tend to believe that the match will be almost at the discretion of the player who 2 years ago made the semifinals at Roland Garros.

🎾Statistics of direct matches Andrea Collarini vs Marco Cecchinato

▪️The two players met only once, 6 years ago, and the Argentine won in a minimum of sets in that match.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Andrea Collarini vs Marco Cecchinato

A match at the disposal of the hosts’ favorite is announced.
Marco Cecchinato is out of the top 100, but the Italian can display a game of minimum top 50.
Collarini has played only 7 official matches this year and I think he cannot face the player from the peninsula.
Cecchinato has many weapons, he has the experience of very strong competitions, but also the public on his side.
I don’t see how the Argentine could impose himself, so I go with great confidence in Marco’s hand, at a low level, but with very good chances of success!

Bet Tips: Marco Cecchinato wins the match
Odds: 1.53

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