Ashleigh Barty vs Viktoria Kuzmova 14.05.2019

Ashleigh Barty is not the typical WTA player as she is technically perfect. Her slice, which is clearly the best in the WTA, creates huge problems for many of the young players who like to hit hard and flat on the ball.

Barty has won all 20 games against players outside the top 10 this year, and only in 3 games has she lost sight. One of the fighting was against Sharapova in the Australian Open and the other two in Madrid when she was turning to the gravel. I think she did a top game against Halep and should really take it to 3 sets, so I feel she is ready for the gravel now.Kuzmova is an exciting player, but she is not on slow gravel she wants to make her career. She won easily against Errani yesterday, but there is an Errani who has completely forgotten to play tennis and whose server likes to land on the baseline. Against Halep, Kuzmova was without chance and did not get a single game. On fast surfaces, and especially grass, her hard and flat tennis works much better. On gravel she has trouble beating the ball through the path and I think Barty will “slice and dice” her off the pitch. Kuzmova is a little ballbasher, and it is not effective on gravel and especially not on Barty’s slice.Barty is a bit like Azarenka a “no nonsense” type player who doesn’t have the typical dips that many players at WTA have. That may be why she often beats the slightly lower ranked players without losing sets.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Ashleigh Barty vs Viktoria Kuzmova 

Kuzmova has one of the better services in WTA, and if she gets a break, it can be difficult for Barty to catch up with her again.Kuzmova is a huge talent and an honest player who always does his best, but I think she would rather get her results on fast track. I think she’ll have a really good grass season this year.

Prediction Today: (AH: +1,5) 1

Odds: 1.70

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