Benoit Paire vs Jannik Sinner Tennis Prediction Today

The BNL d’Italia International Tournament takes place in Rome, and in this analysis I will detail the first round match between Benoit Paire and Jannik Sinner, and I will conclude with the related bet.
Rome is a town of 2.8 million inhabitants, with a history of 2800 years.
This tournament is big, Masters 1000, with a prize pool of 3,465,045 euros.
The host is the Foro Italico complex, which features slow-sloping outdoor land.
The competition table includes Nadal, Tsitsipas, Sinner or Raonic.

Benoit Paire: Team shape, news and statistics

Benoit Paire is a 31-year-old Frenchman, ranked 23rd in the ATP.
And Paire is a very talented athlete, who has all the shots in the arsenal, he can play very varied, but he is extremely fickle and often seems to be not focused on the match. So Benoit is generally below his potential.
His problems here are different. Paire tested positive for coronavirus in New York, was eliminated from the competition and had to be quarantined.
This means that he was isolated in the United States, unable to train or go to the gym. Practically Paire was not allowed to leave the room.
Now he has come to Europe but he has other problems, being scheduled on the very first day of the competition.
He snapped at this appointment, saying, “Shit programming !! Thanks to the organizers!
I had one request, to be allowed to play on Tuesday to have time to train after what happened to me in New York. But because I was scheduled to play with an Italian on Monday! ”
Obviously Paire will be unprepared here.
In 2019 he has quarterfinals in Pune, quarterfinals in the Rennes challenger, final in the Marbella challenger, title in Marrakech, title in Lyon, quarterfinals in Washington, final in Winston Salem and semifinals in Metz.
And in 2020 it has a final in Auckland.
Paire also played a little in the United States, at ATP Cincinnati, being defeated 0-6 0-1 by Coric, a score at which he retired. But he had a coronavirus, so it was normal for him not to be able to play.

Jannik Sinner: Team form, news and statistics

Jannik Sinner is a 19-year-old Italian, ranked 74th in the ATP.
And Sinner is a great talent and a great hope for a future world number 1, already having an impressive game although he has just finished his junior year.
He is much younger than most important players but he has already entered the top 100 in the world, from where it is very difficult to get out.
Jannik has several advantages, the main one being the fact that he was a performance skier, even a junior champion.
Thus he has a very good balance on the field and a superior physical endurance to tennis players of his age.
In addition, Sinner shows quite a lot of maturity, although he is obviously at the beginning of his career and still has a lot to learn.
In 2019 he has semifinals at ITF M25 Aktobe, title at the challenger in Bergamo, title at ITF M25 Trento, title at ITF M25 Santa Margherita, final at the challenger in Ostrava, title at the challenger in Lexington, semifinals at the challenger Mouilleron le Captif, semifinals in Antwerp and title to the challenger from Ortisei.
And in 2020 he has the quarterfinals in Rotterdam.
Since returning, he played in the United States, being quite modest, although at the US Open he led Khachanov 2-0 in sets.
And last week he took part in the Kitzbuhel tournament, also on slag, passing Kohlschreiber until losing to Djere.

🎾Statistics of direct matches Benoit Paire vs Jannik Sinner

In the only direct match, this year in Auckland, Paire won 6-4 2-6 6-4.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Benoit Paire vs Jannik Sinner

Jannik Sinner is one of the most talented young players, already in the top 100 in the world and having an obvious increase in the last year. His form is average, at the US Open losing to Khachanov although he led 2-0 score sets and at Kitzbuhel passing Kohlschreiber but being defeated by Djere. But the fact that he has already played two matches on slag will help him. Benoit Paire recently had coronavirus, so he was eliminated from the US Open. Moreover, he was in solitary confinement there, unable to train or go to the gym, sitting alone in his room. And here he was scheduled on the first day of the competition, being extremely nervous and accusing the organizers of sabotaging him, he does not give him time to train just playing against an Italian. However, Paire has no way of being prepared for this isolation. I thus consider that Sinner will win at least 3 games difference, my prediction going on this idea at a odds offered by Betano.

Prediction Today: Jannik Sinner -2.5 handicap games

Odds: 1.47

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