Redlicki opened in 2019 with a semifinal in Orlando and a close defeat in Cleveland. Schnur impressed in Newport Beach and was in the quarterfinals of Cleveland and is in good shape but lost to Redlicki last year indoors.

Redlicki has started well this year, and was in the semifinals in Orlando with several fine wins along the way.
He serves heavily and wins a lot on the serve, which will also be a weapon here.
Schnur, despite a few good weeks, also has its fluctuations, and has not just been known for great stability.
Redlicki hit Schnur last year indoors in Canada, where Schnur is usually best and it should give blood to the tooth.

Schnur is a more versatile player than Redlicki and showed in Cleveland that he can handle large servers.
Redlicki, on the other hand, is very dependent on its service and is vulnerable if it does not work optimally.
Schnur comes with confidence after a few good weeks on top of a slightly disappointing start to the season, and has made good names.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Brayden Schnur vs Michael Redlicki

I think the bookmakers give Schnur the top edge in the last couple of weeks, especially considering that Redlicki itself comes in fine form.
Redlicki has a fight in Dallas under the belt and although it is not crucial, it may well be a little.

Redlicki, like her brother, suffered a “hot head” and can crack mentally at adversity – yet he has become much better in that area.
The opening of the fight will probably be a good indicator of the outcome and I think 1st set becomes important mentally, applicable to both of them.

Prediction Today: Michael Redlicki

Odds: 3.10

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