French Open 2019 Men’s Favorites, Betting & Betting Odds in the Betting Base Analysis

While football is slowly starting to take its summer break, there are exciting weeks ahead in tennis. The clay court season 2019 is in full swing and will be the highlight of the next two weeks with the French Open in Paris. The second of the four Grand Slam tournaments will be held in the French capital. Mallorcan Rafael Nadal will again be the big French Open 2019 favorite for the title this year – for Rafa it would be the twelfth title in Roland Garros!

Not for nothing is the Mallorcan considered the best clay court player of all time. However, he shows in the previous clay court season some unfamiliar weaknesses and let miss the dominance of recent years. Only with the title win at the Masters tournament in Rome, he was able to prove his extra class again. Nevertheless, for the first time in years, betting odds of over 2.00 are offered for a Majorc title win.

The fans can look forward to two exciting and highly interesting weeks. The previous clay court tournaments have shown that some players have the quality to prevail against every player. The question is, do the young savages, such as Stefanos Tsitsipas, have the necessary consistency for the big hit? Can Dominic Thiem take the next step after the final defeat last year? Or will Novak Djokovic be the title contender for all four Grand Slam tournaments for the second time in his career? It should also not be forgotten that there will be a comeback in Paris in 2019. For the first time in four years, the Swiss crowd favorite Roger Federer is back in Paris at the start. Sand is undoubtedly Federer’s weakest pad, although he has shown that he is in great shape in Madrid and also in Rome. A second Roland Garros title would certainly be a surprise.

There will also be surprises in Roland Garros again, the top field is now extremely densely populated and players outside the top 30 have the quality to force the seeded players early on. Especially the South American and Spanish players are known to be considered as “sandpit Wühler”, often you can not be fooled by the world ranking on sand. There will definitely be some excitement and the betting base will report the tennis fans in the usual manner over the next two weeks with reports from the men’s and women’s competitions, but also with the always up-to-date schedule and odds. For some games we will publish French Open Tips.


Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal has already won the French Open eleven times. Already the tenth title win was a milestone, now he could make the dozen full in 2019. At every clay court tournament where Nadal is at the start, it is idle to talk about the role of favorite. However, we have already noted that this year Nadal is not the clear favorite among bookmakers. After all, in 2019 he suffered three losses on clay, more than in 2017 and 2018 together. Nadal was written into a crisis because he missed even in Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Madrid even the final. In Rome, however, he dismantled the competition and could in four of five games even set a 6-0 win for themselves. The dominance was back and he gave his counterparts barely breathing air.

Nadal is the ambition in person, a tireless fighter who feels at home on the Center Court of Paris. Especially in a best-of-five match Nadal is hard to beat on sand. Betting on betting odds of 1.90 on the title win by Rafael Nadal is recommended.

Novak Djokovic

Wimbledon 2018, US Open 2018 and the Australian Open 2019 – the last three Grand Slam tournaments have all won Novak Djokovic. Exactly one year ago, “Nole” was in a crisis, including self-doubt. Not even he was sure he would make the way back to the top again. He gave the answer to himself – in a most impressive way. The big lead in the world rankings is no coincidence. Djokovic is the most consistent player and delivers consistently. Most recently, he was able to convince on sand and took first in Madrid the title win, before he reached the final in Rome. There was indeed a clear defeat against the Majorcan to cope. Nevertheless, the form is right with the Serbs, who appear with enormous self-assurance and hardly fabricate a mistake. He also presents himself extremely nervously in the so-called “Crunch-Time”.

The low odds of 3.50 on the title win of the Serb are not really tempting. Especially since he was solved with Dominic Thiem in half, waiting for the paper in the semifinals, a 50/50 affair on him. Value, despite its outstanding form, does not exist in these French Open betting odds.

Dominic Thiem

The Austrian was first in the final of a Grand Slam tournament twelve months ago. Although he found the master in the person of Rafael Nadal there and had to give himself clearly beaten, but he is still considered by many experts as the second best clay court player. In addition, Thiem is one of the three players who could force Nadal 2019 already on sand in the knee.The French Open 2019 is a premiere for the “Domi-Nator”, for the first time the Lichtenwörther will appear completely detached from Günter Bresnik. Since this week, his longtime coach is not even the manager of Thiem. For Thiem himself, however, this seems to be a liberation and by no means distressing. Thiem is in top form, has a coach with Massu who can whip him emotionally forward, and the tennis circus is afraid of his topspin strikes. French Open 2019 Betting odds of 7.00 on Thiem are quite lucrative and worth a try with moderate effort. The early defeat in Rome should not be overrated – the Austrian is in excellent shape. There are currently only a few players on the circuit who are against Sand on the sand in favorite role.

Stefanos Tsitsipas

A year ago, the young Greek was still number 40 in the world. Meanwhile, despite his only 20 years, he has established himself in the world tennis elite and can already call himself a “top ten player”. Also Tsitsipas is one of those players who could already beat Nadal in 2019 on sand. The tall Greek has a strong serve, but is also extremely agile and has a strong forehand. The style of play reminds a little of Alexander Zverev. Compared to German, however, he is in top form and is led by bookmakers according to current odds on fourth place favorites. For a title win by Tsitsipas, French Open winners attract betting odds of 20.00. Although his form is substantial, we do not believe that over two weeks in seven games he can deliver top-notch tennis to compete against two or three top stars in a row.

Roger Federer

“I already heard in January that this is the end of my career. That’s not the idea. I have already made the decision for this year. ”
On 2 June 2015 Roger Federer was last seen on the clay court in Roland Garros. At that time he had to defeat his compatriot Stan Wawrinka in three sets in the quarterfinals. Federer will make the comeback in 2019, but fans are worried about his fitness. In Rome, he had to give up for safety’s sake, but there’s nothing in the way of a start in Paris. Already on Wednesday he trained on the layout and presented himself in top shape. Rumors that his appearance point to a career ending, Federer has this year stifled in the bud.At the tournament in Madrid Federer played no typical clay court tennis and tried to keep the points short with a lot of pressure. This tactic was quite successful. Nevertheless, Federer on sand is not the great top favorite, although he has the class to be able to increase again and again. Federer, despite his advanced age, is fit and able to cope with hardships, but we do not trust him in several intense best-of-five games in series on sand. A Federer title win would be a sensation, although he would like to see this countless fans around the globe. Unfortunately, this is not realistic.
Who can stop Nadal on the way to the final?

Alexander Zverev

What’s up with Alexander Zverev? At the ATP Finals 2018 in London, he was still crowned World Champion, since then, the youngster is rarely convincing. 19 victories are already facing eleven defeats this year. Many early, surprising defeats were included. Lastly, he described himself as the worst top ten player ever in the wind.One reason is certainly the many side scenes, which distract him again and again. Separation from the girlfriend, hospitalization of his father, the difficult relationship with coach Ivan Lendl (who rarely travels) or the separation from his longtime manager, let Zverev play by no means freed. After the break in Rome, the youngster destroyed his cell phone and described this as a stroke of luck in retrospect. The youngster wants to focus exclusively on the sport again to find its shape. Optimism was felt in his statements, to fuel self-confidence, he enters the week before Paris in Lyon. In the victory against Gulbis, he finally convinced once again.Zverev and the Grand Slam tournaments have not been a particularly successful relationship so far, more than the quarter-finals he has never achieved. The many weak games, the one-sided style of play (he builds up too late, does not play variable) and the weak Grand Slam results let the betting odds of 26.00 be quite justified. Nevertheless, his talent and his quality is undisputed, he should play in a run, these bets have great value. In addition, his father Alexander senior returns to the field – another advantage that justifies a moderate use of the Zverev title.

Fabio Fognini

With 6: 4 and 6: 2 Fabio Fognini shot in the semifinals of Monte Carlo the Spanish clay court king Rafael Nadal from the square. One day later, he won the title in the Principality and thus fixed the biggest success in his career. Fognini is an outstanding player, especially on the sand, bringing everything to the big ones. The husband of Flavia Pennetta, however, has a big problem that he has never got in his long career under control – the constancy. Genius and madness are often only separated by a few rallies. This leaves Fognini in a Grand Slam tournament again and again unnecessarily grains. A title win the number eleven the world is not conceivable in this regard.

Gael Monfils

For many years, France had several top-100 players to offer, and again and again players who could establish themselves in the top ten in the world. However, fans have been waiting for a “home title” at the French Open for what felt like an eternity. The best-ranked Frenchman is currently Gael Monfils, a player who always causes a sensation. Monfils stands for spectacular tennis, but also takes time out again. The red ash is certainly not his strongest surface, an early end (at the latest round three) is quite likely.

Forecast & Betting Base Trend – Who will win the French Open 2019?

The men’s tennis is changing. Many young guns are pushing forward, but at the big events the “old hands” are still the big favorites. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are considered the top favorites for the tournament victory in the city of love. While the betting odds for Nadal are relatively high, those for Djokovic are definitely too low. By comparison, French Open 2019 winners on the title of Dominic Thiem are certainly more promising in terms of opportunity-risk ratio than those on Djokovic.

Even if the current results do not warrant betting on Alexander “Sascha” Zverev in the approach, this is definitely worth considering. In 2018, the youngster also celebrated great success on sand. The quality of the number five in the world is undisputed and he is also physically able to withstand the rigors of the tough best-of-five matches. The smashing of his mobile phone in Rome probably had a liberating effect, in Geneva he presents himself much better. The betting odds are far too high and offer great value. Finally, a mix of bets on Nadal, Thiem or on Zverev is recommended – this should be a good mix, in the end to be able to cut with a plus.

1.Spain Rafael Nadal 1.90
2.Serbia Novak Djokovic 3.50
3.Austria Dominic Thiem 7.00
4.Greece Stefanos Tsitsipas 19.00
5.Switzerland Roger Federer 23.00
6.Germany Alexander Zverev 26.00
7.Canada Fabio Fognini 51.00
8.France Gael Monfils 81.0

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