Betting tips Caroline Wozniacki vs Mihaela Buzarnescu. After a good start at Charleston, who helped her regain some confidence, Mihaela Buzarnescu meets today’s top Danish opponent Caroline Wozniacki. It will be a hard game for the Romanian, especially since he did not excel in the previous round.

1. Latest info before playing betting tips Caroline Wozniacki vs Mihaela Buzarnescu.

Caroline Wozniacki

It comes after a good start to the tournament, because in the previous round Laura Siegemund left without much trouble after only 16 games.
He did very well at work, with 60% success rate on first, 59% on second.
He also benefited from the soft service of his opponent, so he managed to make 5 of the eight opportunities for the break.
He eventually managed to put on a qualitative tennis, because during this first part of the season he had oscillating evolutions.
As long as he manages to maintain high percentages at work, Danish is doing well. When the service does not work, it has great problems and loses many points.

Mihaela Buzarnescu

It comes after a relatively easy victory in Lauren Davis’s company, because the game ended after only 17 games.
In that victory, the Romance was particularly at work, where he held 81% on the first, doubled by 39% on the second.
As with his today’s opponent, if he does not get his first job, he has a lot of trouble getting the point.
He now has two linked wins, which is a performance in itself, given that before coming here he lost 14 of the 15 matches he played.
Clay fits her much better, because the speed of her executions has fallen, she rather preferring to play force.

2. Caroline Wozniacki vs Mihaela Buzarnescu direct meetings.

The two players have met up to now twice, Danish imposing each time in minimum sets.
The latest chapter was last year on the Australian Open hardcore.

3.What is the shape of the players in the last 5 games?

  • Wozniacki
  • Last result: 2-0 vs Siegemund
  • Form: W L W W L

The 2019 was not a great year for Wozniacki so far, not having achieved any notable performance in the tournament on the hard start of the season.
The recipient of a first free run thanks to the 5-nation headline, the Danish managed a very solid performance against the German Siegemund previous tour, yielding only 4 games.
Mihaela Buzarnescu met her the last time last year in her first Australian Open tour at a time when the Romanian was in a much better shape than now. It was an easy victory, Wozniacki losing just 5 games in his debut match to the first Grand Slam title of his career.

  • Buzarnescu
  • Last result: 2-0 vs Davis
  • Form: W W L L L

Mihaela Buzarnescu finally managed to win 2 victories, the last of which happened just last August. After a hard-won victory with the Polish Frech, the Romanca showed much safer on her in the match with Lauren Davis, imposing herself in a minimum of sets.
With self rebuilt confidence, Buzarnescu may be a difficult opponent against any player in the circuit. Even so, it will be hard to impose on Wozniacki, a player with an impeccable defensive play. Mihaela will have to eliminate almost all of the mistakes and strike at the blows in order to have a chance in front of Danes.

4.News, analysis, statistics and ancnronics about the 2 players.

  • It is the 13th WTA.
  • He has 6 wins and 4 defeats this year.
  • He never missed the quarter-finals at Charleston earlier in the 5 so far.
  • He won the 2011 tour, also reaching the finals in 2009.
  • He has not lost any set against Buzarnescu in the two disputed games.
  • He is the 30th WTA.
  • He has 3 wins and 10 defeats this year.
  • He has not won more than 6 games in matches played against Danish.
  • It is the second time in Charleston.
  • Last year was eliminated in the 2nd round.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Caroline Wozniacki vs Mihaela Buzarnescu

Romanca needs to serve well today, because he meets a striking opponent on the return.
The surface of the game benefits Mihaela, but only in the conditions of his first service.
Mihaela has struggled enormously this season, his shape suffering very much. Winnings linked to this tournament will greatly help him morally, but he encounters an opponent in front of which he did not oppose the resistance.
I expect Wozniacki to put pressure on her, especially as she needs to re-enter into shape in this season’s debut on the clay.
I’m counting on a handicap in favor of romance, which I think will make a beautiful game.

Prediction Today: Caroline Wozniacki 

Odds: 1.30


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