Carreno vs Bedene 26.07.2018

Carreno vs Bedene Tennis Prediction

My last game tip went in after Mayer pushed Carreno-Busta into the match. I personally thought the Spaniard would win significantly much easier. But the game went in at least when the match went to three sets.
My next game tip is again about Carreno-Busta:
I saw the match against Florian Mayer – that is, the match I played as it was – and I did not think the Spaniards were good at all. There is a big reason why I will test a game against him when he is facing the Bedene.
Carreno-Busta is another good player and above all on the gravel ground. However, he did not stand for a good bet against Mayer even though he eventually won. But Mayer was not far from winning that match. In fact, he was only two balls away, but Carreno-Busta could hold his last game and then win on the tie break. But, for example, 1, the Spaniard got huge pressure with a whole 6-2. The Spaniard then raised in Set 2 and won easily, and then I thought he would have to go home at last. Mayer continued to put pressure and, as said, decisively saw a tie break.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Carreno vs Bedene

Mayer hurriedly barely run on some balls. It was on several occasions that he just stopped running because he had no energy left – thus giving away points a number of times – and what amazes me is that Carreno-Busta thus had GREAT problems despite all this.I say this: A similar performance to Bedene, then Carreno-Busta gets big big problems. I can not imagine Carreno-Busta will raise too much. Did not think he was well last week in Båstad, and did not think he was well in his first match here in Hamburg.

Prediction Today: Bedene

Odds: 2.45

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