CORONAVIRUS / Rafael Nadal, encouraging message for the Spanish authorities: “You are our heroes”

Rafael Nadal (33 years, 2 ATP) transmitted a special message in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.
Spain, the homeland of the former world leader, is one of the most affected countries by COVID-19 (28,572 cases in total).

“First of all, I would like to apologize, because I have not posted for a long time. These are very difficult times for everyone, and the situation is overwhelming for us all. I want to thank the doctors, nurses and healthcare staff who protect us.

I would also like to thank the cops, the Civil Guard, the army, as well as the others who make us feel more confident that we will have a good time. They are at the forefront and are at risk of being infected, and today they are our heroes. I want to express my admiration for everyone! Thank you very much! ”Said Nadal.

CORONAVIRUS / Roger Federer: “I haven’t held a person’s hand in a while”

And Roger Federer (38, 4 ATP), another famous tennis player, spoke through his Instagram account about the coronavirus pandemic and made several recommendations.

“I also stay at home and I haven’t shaken a person for a while. Of course, I wash my hands often, as we should always do. At these times, helping one another is more important than ever.

Especially because we want to help the elderly. They have an increased risk of getting sick and we need to help them. So, keep the distance of two meters from each other and do not shake hands. “- Roger Federer

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