Danielle Collins was expelled from World Team Tennis because she defied health rules

American athlete Danielle Collins, 26, was excluded from the World Team Tennis tournament, after defying the anti-COVID protocol imposed by the competition organizers.

This decision was made on Monday, after the 51st WTA athlete left the hotel where she was staying (Greenbrier Resort) and thus violated the sanitary rules of the tournament.
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“We decided not to let Danielle Collins play for the rest of the World Team Tennis 2020, after she violated the sanitary protocol.

The exclusion from the competition was not commented in any way by Danielle Collins, who managed to reach the semifinals at the Australian Open last year.

Instead, she was extremely vehement in saying that Novak Djokovic was unconscious after a coronavirus outbreak occurred at the ATP leader’s tournament.

To date, the United States has reported nearly 4 million people infected with coronavirus and 143,872 deaths caused by Covid-19, making it the number one country in the world in these “black” rankings.

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