Dominic Thiem vs Matteo Berrettini ATP World Tour Finals 14.11.2019

The last match of the group stage between the Austrian Dominic Thiem and the Italian Matteo Berrettini will have only one financial stake, Thiem having already qualified in the semifinals after the two previous victories, while the Italian Berrettini is already eliminated from the competition, following 2 defeats in a minimum of sets.

Dominic Thiem

◾️The 26-year-old Austrian is currently ranked 5th in the ATP rankings, having long been in the top 10.
◾️In this tournament he surprised many people with the third victory of this season against Roger Federer, a very consistent victory, with a 7-5 double, the Austrian being very solid in the important moments of both sets.
◾️He continued in spectacular fashion against Novak Djokovic, returning from 0-1 to the sets in an exceptional way, gaining victory in the tiebreak of the decisive set.

Matteo Berrettini

◾️The young Italian player of 23 years is currently ranked 8th in the ATP standings, crossing the best period of his career.
◾️By qualifying in-extremis in this tournament, in the last competition of the regular season, in Paris-Bercy, Matteo Berrettini has consumed a lot of energy, both physical and mental, and this tournament seems difficult for him.
◾️In the first match against Novak Djokovic he did not have great chances of success, being extremely clear, with a score of 6-2 6-1, while against Federer he was defeated again with 2-0 sets.

🎾Direct meetings

▪️The two players have met up to now 3 times, the score being 2-1 in favor of Thiem, while the last game was won by Dominic Thiem, in the room in Vienna, 3 weeks ago, by 2-1 at sets.

Dominic Thiem: Player form, news and statistics

Thiem is one of the performers of the season, with no less than 5 titles won. He was the first player in the circuit to reach this value, being equaled only by Djokovic in the last competition before the Champions Tournament, by the trophy awarded to Paris-Bercy. Dominic surprised the first half of the group stage, defeating both Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. With two wins already won, Thiem is confident of qualifying in the semifinals of the competition in the O2 Arena, so he has no reason to draw in the last match. He is sure that he will play on Saturday in the penultimate act of the competition, the phase in which he reached the premiere, in the fourth round of the season finale.

Matteo Berrettini: Player form, news and statistics

Qualifying for the first time at the Champions Tournament, the Italian failed to face the group’s favorites, Federer and Djokovic. Berrettini lost with both, even though the tennis he showed was a good quality in the duel with the former leader of Switzerland. The end of the year was an excellent one, with the semifinals at the US Open, Shanghai and Vienna. In the penultimate act in Austria, Matteo met his opponent on Thursday and managed to win his first set. Helped by the gallant public, Thiem returned the fate of the party and managed to win decisively. At that point, the black series of Berrettini began, losing four matches in a row. Without qualifying chances in the semifinals, the peninsula will give everything he
can in the last match of O2 Arena, to end on a positive note the best season of his career.

🎾Direct match statistics Dominic Thiem vs Matteo Berrettini

▫️Thiem leads 2-1 in direct matches. In 2019, both players were forced once: the Italian in Shanghai and Dominic in the semifinals at the Vienna home tournament.

🎾What is the shape of the players in the last 5 matches?
  • Dominic Thiem
  • Last result: 2-1 vs Djokovic
  • Shape: W W L W W

◾️Dominic Thiem has already managed, after the first two matches in the group, to qualify for the first time in the semifinal race at the Champions Tournament.
◾️The Austrian achieved this performance at his fourth consecutive participation in the last tournament of the men’s tennis season.
◾️He started the competition with an extremely clear and conclusive victory in front of Roger Federer, who had a 7-5 double.
◾️A very difficult match followed, against Novak Djokovic, who managed to win the first set in the tie-break.
◾️Thiem, however, came back in the match very well, winning the second act with 6-3 because in the decisive way he prevailed with 7-6 and made the second ball of the match.
◾️The game does not matter to Dominic Thiem because he is already qualified in the semifinals of the tournament, but a victory would bring him more points and a bigger check.

  • Matteo Berrettini
  • Last result: 0-2 vs Federer
  • Shape: L L L L W

◾️Matteo Berrettini qualified for the first time at the Champions Tournament, being also the first Italian to achieve this performance.
◾️The Italian had a very good year, managing to play 3 ATP finals, and at several other major tournaments he reached the semifinals, including the US Open, where he was defeated by Rafael Nadal in the penultimate act.
◾️The last qualified player in this edition, Berrettini started the tournament with a very clear defeat in front of Djokovic, score 6-2 6-1 for the Serbian.
◾️n the second match he performed better against Roger Federer, but this time he lost at least seven sets, score 7-6 6-3.
◾️The representative of Italy has no chance of accessing the semifinals, so he has evolved without any pressure on his shoulders.

🎾News, analysis, statistics and progress about the 2 players.

He is present for the fourth consecutive time at the Champions Tournament.
He manages for the first time in his career to reach the semifinals.
He won twice in front of Matteo Berrettini.
He won in the last match directly, in Vienna this year.
If he wins the group will play against the player who finishes in second place in the other group.
He is present for the first time in his career at this tournament.
Dominic Thiem, in Shanghai, has only once defeated his career this year.
Regardless of the outcome of this match, he is eliminated from the competition.
For the first time in his career he will finish the year in the top 10 ATP.
The 8th place is now the best position in the world hierarchy.

🎾The latest information before playing betting odds Dominic Thiem vs Matteo Berrettini.
Dominic Thiem

◾️He managed to get his first name on the semifinalists table after the two victories so far.
◾️But we must not ignore the name that defeated the Austrian, Roger Federer in the opening round and Novak Djokovic in match 2.
◾️Basically, he has passed the players with the highest chances at the title, and now he starts extremely motivated in his campaign towards the final.
◾️Today you will approach the game openly to avoid unnecessary consumption of physical resources or, worse, a stupid accident.

Matteo Berrettini

◾️He lost both matches in groups, as expected, considering the competitors he met.
◾️It was a pretty weak tournament for the young Italian, given that he couldn’t even get a set.
◾️Given that he now meets the most formidable player of the group, I think he will have even greater difficulties, especially on the job.
◾️Neither return was a brilliant one, in the conditions in which it failed to break neither against the Swiss nor against the Serbian.

🎾Dominic Thiem vs Matteo Berrettini live dating.

▫️The two opponents of today have been dueled three times so far, the score of the series being favorable to the Austrian boundary.
▫️In the most recent duel, consumed this year in Vienna, also on the hard, Dominic prevailed in the decisive set, following a comeback after giving up the first leg.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Dominic Thiem vs Matteo Berrettini

The form and morale of the two players are at diametrically opposite levels, Thiem being confident after the victories against Djokovic and Federer, while Berrettini is already eliminated from the competition, with no winning set. I expect Dominic Thiem to be equally dominant in this last match, and will win without too much trouble this confrontation, considering the rather ominous form of the Italian.

Bet Tips: D. Thiem 2-0 
Odds: 2.10

In all 3 previous direct matches, Matteo has managed to win at least one set in front of Dominic. Thursday’s game will take place under special conditions, with the Austrian already qualified and probably not 100% mentally involved. The preservation instinct could also intervene, given that Thiem will play Saturday’s first career semi-final in the Champions Tournament.

Prediction Today: At least one Berrettini set
Odds: 1.81




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