Džumhur vs Fucsovics Tennis Prediction

D. Dzumhur

Although he achieved his best career this year, we could say that Dzumhur played much better tennis last season when he got to two ATP titles. Right at this time of year, Djumhur was the best at tournaments in St. Petersbourg and Moscow, where he won the aforementioned titles. Tournament at St. Petersburg is over and Dzumhur has failed to defend the title and it remains to be seen whether he will go to Moscow in the next week.
However, this season, Dzumhur had his good moments as he won the tournament in Antalya, where he managed to beat A. Mannarina on a grassy ground. In addition, he also played the semifinals of the tournament in Acapulco but was stopped there by J.M. Del Potra score 6: 3 7: 6. The aforementioned drop in form is best seen in the ratio of victory and defeat last 36:24, and at the start of Masters in Shanghai is 23:26.

M. Fucsovics

A very similar situation with the form is also with Hungarian tennis player M. Fucsovica, who only this season achieved his best results at the ATP Tour. Last year, the Hungarians mostly performed at Challenger, so he had only 17 matches in the ATP Tour. This season the situation is much better, confirming the current ratio of victory and defeat to 19:21. What Fucsovics will remember this season is his first ATP title he won at the Geneva tournament, where he won several favored opponents.
To be the best season of the Hungarian tennis player this time, he was already seen at the Australian Open, where he was surprised by the fourth round in which he gave solid resistance to R. Federer. The next result worth mentioning was Fucsovics at the tournament in Munich, where he played quarter-finals defeated by home tennis player M. Marterer. When it comes to Masters in Shanghai, this is the premier performance of Fitchovic in this tournament.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Džumhur vs Fucsovics

Both tennis players play this season very promising, which makes it very difficult to predict the winner of this match. Dzhumhur’s overall looks better, but his game is subject to great oscillations, which often loses matches he should not. What is safe in Dzumhur is not lack of fighting and persistence, which made it very famous. As a result, there are two equally high quality tennis players, for which reason you could see a fairly uncertain match ended with a relatively large number of gems.

Prediction Today: over 21.5 gem

Odds: 1.74


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