Doug Adler out of bussiness

Commentator Doug Adler is considered the victim of last year’s Australian Open scandal when, being ESPN’s employee, he would have called a “gorilla” on Venus Williams live.

After defending himself, explaining that he did not say “gorilla” but “guerrilla,” he announced that he could not find a job after this incident. Now the two sides have reached the court.

“The ESPN killed me. They made me impossible to hire. My career ended, they killed my reputation. What else can I do? I did not do anything wrong, “defends Adler now.

Adler’s lawyer, David Ring, claimed a year ago that the remark went unnoticed until he was evoked on a social network: “Somehow someone on Twitter said he made a gorilla on Venus. ESPN fired him the next day for something he did not say. Doug Alder lost his job and reputation. When ESPN dismissed him, he suddenly became the guy outside for a racist remark he never did. ”

Adler, a former tennis player before the faculty, before devoting himself to television, filed a complaint at that time with a Los Angeles court.

David Ring argues that the use of a “guerrilla tactic” in tennis is a commonly used term for describing an aggressive style of play, and ESPN has given up media pressure and erroneously believed that Adler used the word gorilla to describe Venus Williams, which ultimately brought serious financial and emotional harm to his client.

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