Federer vs Thiem Tennis Prediction

Federer – Thiem / ATP Finals London – In the evening, from the “A” group, the field is defeated after the first round, with R. Federer and D. Thiemu. Clearly this meeting for both tennis players is crucial to staying in the game and we are expecting a very interesting fight. Federer must recover after the defeat of Nishikoria, but Thiem has his adventures that give him hope for the positive outcome of this match.

R. Federer

Federer has sufficiently complicated the situation in group “A”. After defeating Nishikoria, the Swiss must win the remaining two games in order to be in the semi-finals. We know that this is not a big problem for Federer, but the situation is now much more difficult, because depending on the other results, the meeting with Đoković could already be in the semi-finals. There are now a number of combinations, but it is clear that Federer no longer has the right to kick.
The Swiss made a good start to the match with Nishikori. They were quite secure service gems, followed by a solid number of directly-earned points. However, statistically speaking, Federer made too many unforeseen errors (34:22), and 19 hit winners were not enough to compensate for all these mistakes. Nishikori managed to make use of Federer’s moments of weakness, and Switzerland has to win all matches by the end of the tournament if he wants this year to end with the jubilee 100th ATP title.

D. Thiem

Thiem for the third year in a row loses an introductory match at ATP Finals in London. Two years ago he was better N. Đoković and last year Thiem lost his first match against G. Dimitrov. This year, better than him, K. Anderson, a tennis player Thiem won twice this season twice. However, in London it simply did not go away because the Austrians did not have the right recipe for Anderson’s service, and the unsuccessful opportunities in tie-break of the second set could not be realized.
Thiem knew that he had one of the best servers on ATP Tour before he could not afford to lose the fourth gem of the first set. This is the backdrop that was very difficult to compensate against the moody Anderson. The difference between two tennis players was that Thiem had eight times the opportunity to rescue the break-ball at his service, while at the same time did not endanger Anderson’s service at all. In the end, Thiem can regret the missed two set-ups in the tie-break of the second set, and all the strength and knowledge must focus on this day’s match to stay in the semi-finals.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Federer vs Thiem

Federer has a negative ratio against Thiem that is 1: 2. This is more than enough warning for Federer if he wants to enter the first points in this tournament in London. We know that Federer is able to beat any tennis player so it is not controversial to enjoy the role of a favorite in this match. As we mentioned in the introduction itself, Thiem has his own adute, but much has to be covered for victory over Federer. That is why we expect Federer to play this match in the maximum to keep the chances of placing in the semifinals.

Prediction Today: Federer -3.5 gem

Odds: 1.93


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