Nick Hardt vs Benedikt Henning Soccer Betting Tips

The ITF M25 Hamburg tournament takes place in Germany, and in this analysis I will detail the qualifying match between Nick Hardt and Benedikt Henning, and I will conclude with the related bet.
Hamburg is a city of 1.8 million inhabitants, being the third largest port in Europe.
This tournament is large, with a prize pool of $ 25,000, the maximum value allowed at this level.
The host is the Hamburger Tennis Verband e.V. complex, which has indoor, fast-paced indoor courts.
The competition table includes Napolitano, Zuk, Tseng or Molcan.

Nick Hardt: Team form, news and statistics

Nick Hardt is a 20-year-old Dominican, ranked 544th in the ATP.
And Hardt is a talented athlete, with quite high potential who will probably re-enter the top 500 ATP in the future, where he was for a short time. But Nick has the courage to cross this threshold if he is safe from problems, having a few minor injuries lately.
However, Nick has attracted attention since juniors, having some interesting titles like Copa Mangulina, reaching the 16th place in the world. And the transition to the professional circuit was successful, having even two ITF titles, which is difficult to access for lower ranked athletes.
In 2019 he has semifinals at ITF M15 Antalya, quarterfinals at ITF M25 Pensola, semifinals at ITF M15 Cancun, title at ITF M15 Saarlouis, semifinals at ITF M15 Brussels, quarterfinals at ITF M15 Eupen, semifinals at ITF M15 Santo Domingo and final at ITF M15-2 Santo Domingo.
And in 2020 it has no performance.
Very weak season for Nick, who comes after 7 consecutive defeats. It is obvious that the pandemic completely turned his plans upside down and that Nick could not gradually increase his form.
But he has some good matches, at ITF M15 Sintra being one step away from defeating Fanselow, a clearly superior tennis player.

Benedikt Henning: Team form, news and statistics

Benedikt Henning is a 23-year-old German, ranked 1243.
And Henning has never been in the world first, he has so far rarely played in the professional circuit, focusing on college, playing in the North American College of Championships for the University of Norfolk.
There he was quite good, in 2016 winning the title of Rookie of the Year, coming directly from Germany where he was in the top 10 to under 18.
Now he is trying to see if he can play for professionals, in case of a contract he will give up sports and focus on psychology, where he has a degree.
In 2019 it has no performance.
And in 2020 he has the semifinals at ITF M15 Monastir.
Very solid there, passing big names like Descotte or Carr.
But since then his form has been declining, with Benedikt coming after defeats to Lilleengen or Ruzgaz.

🔺Here:- 7-6 6-2 with Strombachs (662nd place ATP).

🎾Statistics of direct matches Nick Hardt vs Benedikt Henning

It is the first direct meeting between the two.

Football Prediction of the Day Nick Hardt vs Benedict Henning

Nick Hardt is a good athlete, close to the top 500 ATP, who also has two titles in his record. But now he is coming after 7 consecutive defeats, having some medical problems.
But he played in the doubles quite a lot so I think he has a rhythm of play. And if he is mentally well, he leaves here with the first chance.
Benedikt Henning was never in the first world title, coming after the North American college championship.
Now he is trying his luck with the professionals, having a very good tournament but then following some clear defeats with Lilleengen and Ruzgaz.
Henning is very inconsistent, which is normal at this level, now it matters how the game starts.
I consider that Hardt is the favorite, my prediction going on his victory at a odds offered by Betano.

Bet Tips: Nick Hardt wins
Odds: 1.75

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