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That Nick Kyrgios is a nonconformist player and sometimes strange is known, and the Australian has “committed” it once. In the match with Fabio Fognini in the 3rd round of the Miami ATP tournament, Kyrgios was back in the show. He first entered the field talking on the phone, to the fun of fans in the stands.

Then, in the second set, he argued with the referee several times. The Australian on the 20th position in the ATP hierarchy accused the referee that he confused him when he said that a ball sent by his opponent fell off the field. After the game, it was obvious that the ball caught the ball.

After the seventh game of the second set, in the break between the games, Kyrgios congratulated, ironically, the referee: “Bravo! Very good!” The Australian repeatedly said, while the referee noted everything on a notebook.

Kyrgios’s gesture could cost the Australian, who is not at the first such offshoot. He was suspended twice in 2015 and 2016. First, in August 2015, he was suspended for 28 days by ATP and fined $ 25,000 after offending Stan Wawrinka at the Toronto tournament.

Then at the ATP Shanghai tournament, Kyrgios was suspended by ATP for eight weeks and sent to the psychologist for the behavior of the match with Mischa Zverev when he was accused of “conduct contrary to the integrity of the game.” Nick Kyrgios had already been fined $ 16,500: 10,000 for $ 5,000 for verbal violence in a spectator dispute and 1,500 for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Before the match with Fognini, in Miami, when the two players were in the net, the referee warned them that they had microphones everywhere and take care what they were saying.

In order to entertain the fans after the first set, Kyrgios invited the girl who held the umbrella to sit next to him on the bench.

The match between Kyrgios and Fognini ended with the Australian victory, 6-3, 6-3, and Kyrgios continued his recital. Asked by the cameraman to give an autograph on the room, Kyrgios wrote: “Boston Celtics” (the most successful NBA history team).

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