Novak Djokovic vs Diego Schwartzman Tennis Prediction Today

The Nitto ATP Finals tournament takes place in London, and in this analysis I will detail the group match between Novak Djokovic and Diego Schwartzman, and I will conclude with the related bet.
London is a town of 8.9 million inhabitants, so far hosting three editions of the Summer Olympics.
This tournament is large, with a prize pool of $ 5,700,000.
The host is the O2 Arena complex, which has land covered with a fast, indoor hard drive.
In the Tokyo 1970 group we have Medvedev, Zverev, Djokovic and Schwartzman.

Novak Djokovic: Team form, news and statistics

Novak Djokovic is a 33-year-old Serb, ranked 1st in the ATP.
And Djokovic is one of the best athletes of his generation, which can be seen in the rankings, he is currently the world leader, finishing for the 6th year in 1st place ATP.
Djokovic is in the second half of his career, and now he is exclusively interested in records, saying that his main goal now is to surpass Federer in the number of weeks spent in the first place, which will happen in March.
Then he said that he would change his vision of tennis, play less and less and focus exclusively on grand slams.
Obviously, this sincerity is to be appreciated, but Djokovic loses such few statements to his few fans, being a player very little loved and admired compared to his results.
In the end, Nole has 17 grand slam titles, 36 Masters, and will be able to obtain important trophies in the following years.
And here at ATP Finals he has 5 titles, now being motivated to win the 6th and equal Federer in this regard, wanting to end the year on a positive note, the season being more black for him.
Because Djokovic was disqualified from the US Open, he clearly lost that final at Roland Garros with Nadal, he was involved in the scandal of organizing the Adria Tour and the PTPA association.
In 2019 he has semifinals in Doha, Australian Open title, quarterfinals in Monte Carlo, Madrid title, Rome final, Roland Garros semifinals, Wimbledon title, Cincinnati semifinals, Tokyo title, Shanghai quarterfinals and title in Paris.
And in 2020 he has a title at the Australian Open, a title at Dubai, a title at ATP Cincinnati, a title at Rome, a final at Roland Garros and a quarter-final in Vienna.
Djokovic is coming after another scandal, in Vienna intentionally losing the match with Sonego, because he had already reached his goal of finishing the year as world number 1.
However, this angered the fans and the organizers, saying that Nole did not need to do this and declare that he was not bothered by the defeat.

Diego Schwartzman: Team form, news and statistics

Diego Schwartzman is a 28-year-old Argentine, ranked 9th in the ATP.
And Schwartzman became one of the best players in the world, reaching the perfect age for performance, turning this theory into practice. Because Diego is at the end of the best season of his career, reaching his first Masters final, his first Grand Slam semifinal and for the first time in the top 10 ATP.
And here he is in front of another premiere, reaching the ATP Finals for the first time.
However, Schwartzman does not have many chances to leave the groups, a victory being surprising in case he does not like the conditions here and he has in front of him three of the best indoor athletes in the world.
In 2019 he has semifinals in Sydney, quarterfinals in Cordoba, finals in Buenos Aires, semifinals in Rome, quarterfinals in Queen’s, title in Los Cabos, quarterfinals in the US Open and final in Vienna.
And in 2020 he has the final in Cordoba, the semifinals in Buenos Aires, the quarterfinals in Kitzbuhel, the final in Rome, the semifinals in Roland Garros, the final in Cologne and the quarterfinals in Paris.
Lately, Diego has the final in Cologne, indoor, where he was clearly defeated by Zverev and the quarterfinals in Paris where he was clearly defeated by Medvedev, the opponents in the next matches.

🎾Statistics of direct matches Novak Djokovic vs Diego Schwartzman

In the direct meetings the score is 5-0 for Djokovic, the last one taking place this year in Rome when Novak won 7-5 6-3.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Novak Djokovic vs Diego Schwartzman

Novak Djokovic has shown good tennis since returning to the circuit, managing to take the title in Cincinnati and probably take the tournament at the US Open, if he was not disqualified.
In the Vienna tour, Novak performed well, but as much as he secured his first position in the world rankings, and then gave up surprisingly with Sonego.
Now he is in front of another record in London, and the first opponent seems to be at hand.
Especially considering the existing conditions, I think that Nole will not have problems with Schwartzman, who is for the first time in this tournament and will feel, at least in some places, the emotions, but also the pressure of a debut against the world leader.
I think it will be a short victory for Djokovic and that is why I bet on a maximum of 12 games won by the Serb.

Bet Tips: Novak Djokovic under 12.5 games won
Odds: 1.73

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