Novak Djokovic vs Dominic Thiem Tennis Prediction 12.11.2019

The second round of the Champions Tournament starts today, and the second match of the day will simply face Serb Novak Djokovic and Austrian Dominic Thiem, the last scheduled match at the O2 arena in London and which will start. after 22:00. More details, but also prognosis, in the following.

Novak Djokovic: Player form, news and statistics

Novak Djokovic wants to finish the year in the style of a great champion and to win the 6th time at the Champions Tournament. The Serb has lost the lead after the Paris tournament, but has every chance to finish the year in first place, after the London competition. Taking into account the form shown, but also the stake that is at stake, Djokovic has high chances to return to the top position in the world hierarchy.
The debut of this year’s edition was how could it not be better, Nole imposing himself categorically in front of newcomer Matteo Berretini in minimum sets, 6-2, 6-1, in a little over an hour! It was an almost perfect match for Djokovic, who did not give the Italian a chance. With a solid game in all the chapters, Nole marched on the field and wants to finish the band and the band.
The next opponent for the Serb is Dominic Thiem, an opponent who has had problems over time, especially on the Austrian favorite’s surface, he said. This year Nole was eliminated from Roland Garros by Thiem, after a marathon match of over 4 hours. The only direct match at the Champions Tournament between the two players took place 3 years ago, when Novak won in 3 sets.
Taking into account the data of the problem, I think Djokovic starts as a big favorite and it will be necessary if he will play the same game as in the match against the Italian. Thiem can keep close to Nole if he plays without unforced errors and especially if he will serve well, a chapter he has excelled in lately.

Dominic Thiem: Player form, news and statistics

Dominic Thiem made his strong debut at the Champions Tournament. At the fourth participation in the Champions Tournament, Domi started the group with victory and not in front of anyone, but against the great Roger Federer, after a 7-5 double. It was, in fact, the third victory of the Austrian this year in front of the Swiss champion. And maybe most important.
It is true that Federer was well below his usual level, making many unforced, totally atypical errors. Even so, they cannot be taken from the merits of the Austrian, who in the last period has evolved very well on this surface and especially under indoor conditions. Thiem has the title in Vienna recently, after a very good game, but also in Beijing, plus the quarter-finals at the Shanghai Masters. This is a good result for the Austrian in the last period, who wants to reach the premiere in the semifinals and at the Champions Tournament.
The mission will not be easy at all, despite a very good start. Victory with Federer now gives Austria the first chance at qualifying in the semifinals, but it is a long way off. It is true that the victory in the minimum set will greatly help Thiem, but by the end of the group, Domi has to overcome well the duel with Djokovic.
The game against the Serb will be totally different from that against the Swiss. Thiem will encounter an extremely motivated Nole, but also in a sensational form, so the match is announced as a hell for the Austrian. As I said above, Dominic will play his chance and will not give up without a fight in front of the player who most likely will return to the first position in the ATP hierarchy.

🎾Direct match statistics Novak Djokovic vs Dominic Thiem

The two players met in official matches 9 times, and the Serb leads with 6-3! This year there were 2 direct confrontations, and the score is 1-1. The last match took place at the French Open, and Domi prevailed in 5 sets in front of the Serb!

Tennis Prediction of the Day Novak Djokovic vs Dominic Thiem

A match between the two players is announced. Djokovic and Thiem started with the victories at this year’s Champions Tournament, and with another success tonight, I can take an important step towards qualifying in the semifinals. The Serb is a big favorite and if he plays as well as with Berrettini, he has every chance to finish this match in a minimum of sets. Thiem will not give in easily, but considering the form in which the Serb is, I do not see being able to cope with Djokovic.

Prediction Today: Correct Score: 2-0 Djokovic
Odds: 1.64

Novak Djokovic is the big favorite in winning this tournament, and he is also very motivated to reach the world number 1 again. And as Nadal played in the first round, Nole has every chance to achieve this, especially since neither Federer seems capable of stopping him. In the first match here Djokovic gave up only 3 games with Berrettini and it is possible to see a tennis demo again. Dominic Thiem is also good, and in the first match he defeated Federer 2-0. But the match was very balanced, and if Federer did not make so much mistake at key moments the outcome could be reversed. Now he will face an opponent who rarely makes unforced errors.

Bet Tips: Novak Djokovic 
Odds: 1.19


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