Paolo Lorenzi vs Jozef Kovalik ATP Challenger Maia 22.11.2019

Another tip from the Maia challenger comes from the match between Italian Paolo Lorenzi and Slovakian Jozef Kovalik, a match in the last quarter final and which will start at 20:00, the time of Romania. More details, but also the thought tip, in the following lines.

Paolo Lorenzi: Player form, news and statistics

▪️Paolo Lorenzi qualified with a chance in the quarters of the competition.
▪️The Italian veteran had to draw to reach the last 8 players of the competition, after in the last 2 games he returned from 0-1 to the sets and needed a tie-break every time to push the game decisively.
▪️However, the vast experience helped the Italian, especially in the decisive moments on the Italian, which showed that he was more inspired at those times.
▪️In the two matches played, Lorenzi was physically consumed, because he spent so much time on the field, but he also had prolonged exchanges, which certainly affected him.
▪️It may not have seemed exhausting in the match with Baldi, but surely against Kovalik the Italian will feel the effort made in the 2 games played.
▪️Lorenzi has noticed over time on the red surface, where he has achieved very good results.
▪️At the age of 38, Lorenzi is trying to stay in the best sport and return to the top 100.
▪️It will not be easy, but the experience, at least at this level, will help the Italian to reach the stages of the challenger competitions.
▪️That in the ATP race is harder. Tonight’s match will certainly be more than difficult, but Lorenzi, like in previous games, will fight to the end.

Jozef Kovalik: Player form, news and statistics

▪️Jozef Kovalik is currently the main favorite to win the title from Maia.
▪️At least according to the appearance of the rendered game, because on the sheet is only 10 favorite.
▪️This is less important, with Kovalik displaying a game so far that can help him win in Portugal.
▪️And the Slovak has shown over time that he can beat top players on the slag.
▪️The latest example being this year, when he managed to get a set at Wawrinka at the French Open.
▪️Here he had no problems in the 2 games played, winning both in minimum sets.
Yesterday, he had a slightly more difficult opponent, in the person of Attila Balazs, a player who also handles the slag well.
▪️The Hungarian had nothing to do with the Slovak, who showed a solid new game, especially at work, but also on return or exchanges, which helped Jozej to dominate most rallies.
▪️With such a game, Kovalik is a big favorite and tonight against the experienced Lorenzi, who will surely feel physically, because once engaged in long shifts with Jozef, he will have no chances.
▪️With a good service and attentive to the return, I am convinced that the player from Slovakia can impose for the first time in front of the player from the peninsula.

🎾Direct match statistics Paolo Lorenzi vs Jozef Kovalik

▫️The two players met twice, and Lorenzi won both games.
▫️However, in the last match, which took place in 2015, Kovalik withdrew after only one game.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Paolo Lorenzi vs Jozef Kovalik

Jozef Kovalik had a great time this week and I think he can win the tournament.
Lorenzi also moved well, only that age will speak in tonight’s game.
If until now he had the chance, returning every time from 0-1 to the sets, I do not know if in a similar scenario he will be able to return to the Slovak.
I trust the quality of Kovalik’s game and I will go to Jozef’s victory in at least 3 different games.

Prediction Today: Victory Kovalik at H of 2.5 games
Odds: 1.68


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