Rafael Nadal vs Daniil Medvedev ATP World Tour Finals 13.11.2019

The match between the Spanish Rafael Nadal and the Russian Daniil Medvedev is decisive for one of the two, in the case of the loser and this match, the chances of qualifying in the semifinals will be almost nil.

Rafael Nadal

◾️The Iberian player has again had an excellent season so far, obtaining the position of world leader after the Paris-Bercy tournament, where he was forced to retire.
◾️In the first game of this tournament he met the German Alexander Zverev, but Rafa Nadal did not have many chances of success, despite the fact that he had no problems during the meeting.
◾️Aggressive ball exchanges were largely decided in favor of the German, who also has an excellent percentage at work, and will have problems in front of Daniil Medvedev if he does not raise his level of play.

Daniil Medvedev

◾️The Russian player crosses the best period of his career, currently occupying the 4th place in the ATP standings, at only 23 years old.
◾️The debut match of the Champions Tournament against Stefanos Tsitsipas was a very balanced one, the difference being only a few balls, won by the Greek player in the important moments.
◾️It starts slightly favorite in front of Rafael Nadal, even if at US Open his chances were not too high, but in this confrontation, the Russian will try to take advantage of the lower level of the Iberian game.

🎾Direct meetings

▪️The two players have met twice so far, both meetings being won by Rafael Nadal, the last one taking place this fall in the final of the US Open, where Nadal won 3-2 in sets.

🎾What is the shape of the players in the last 5 matches?
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Last result: 0-2 vs Zverev
  • Shape: L L W W W

◽️Rafael Nadal (# 1 ATP, 33 years old) started off unexpectedly with the Champions Tournament, losing the opening match, 0-2 against Alexander Zverev.
◽️The guy didn’t give him a chance and, after only an hour and 25 minutes, he closed the game, 2-6 / 4-6.
◽️Rafa managed five aces and played with the first service in 62% of cases, but did not cope with the service of Zverev, which was also demonstrated by the fact that he failed to break.
◽️The Champions Tournament is one of the few trophies missing from Nadal’s record.
◽️From its first three competitions, only the one from 2013 emerged, until it reached the final of the competition. Unfortunately for him, the Spanish gave way to Djokovic and, at least until now, he would never have to match his performance.

  • Daniil Medvedev
  • Last result: 0-2 vs Tsitsipas
  • Shape: L L W W W

◽️Daniil Medvedev (# 4 ATP, 23 years) also started unexpectedly the Champions Tournament, which comes to the premiere in 2019, when he reached the final ATP career, lost just against Rafa Nadal.
◽️The Russian gave in to Tsitsipas, in minimum sets, after just one hour and 43 minutes of play.
◽️He served decent (69% – first), but won only 72% of the points on the first service. compared to 89% awarded by the opponent.
◽️Specifically, finally, the difference was made by the tiebreak of the first set, respectively by the break succeeded by Hellen in the second act – the only one of the match.

🎾News, analysis, statistics and progress about the 2 players.

◾️He has 51 wins and 7 defeats in 2019, of which 25 with 3 on the hard.
◾️Has 2 tournaments on hard (US Open and Montreal on hard) and 2 on slag (Roland Garros and Roma) in 2019.
◾️He has 2 wins out of 2 possible with Medvedev, both in 2019, in tournaments he would win.
◾️His last 5 matches were cut in 2 sets, either he won or he lost.
◾️He is 185 cm / 85 kg and strikes with his left hand.
◾️He has 59 wins and 19 defeats, of which 46 with 11 on the hard.
◾️Comes after 2 consecutive defeats – unmatched negative performance since mid-June and so far.
◾️Has 8 tournaments in the record, all on the hard.
◾️Won 4 competitions in 2019: Shanghai, St. Petersburg, Cincinatti, Sofia.
◾️He is 198 cm / 83 kg and strikes with his right hand.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Rafael Nadal vs Daniil Medvedev

Rafael Nadal seems to suffer from abdominal problems in the Paris tournament, despite the fact that they did not appear visible against Alexander Zverev.
If he fails to raise his level of play against Daniil Medvedev, the Russian will win the cause, the latter appearing very motivated in the first game, even if the final result was not on his side.
So I bet on the victory of the Russian player, thinking that Nadal is not still at 100% of potential.

Prediction Today: D. Medvedev
Odds: 1.67



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