Rodionov vs Donskoy Tennis Prediction Today

While waiting for the ATP playoff to start this weekend, the weekly outlay on the tennis market has shrunk and it is in Challengers to look for something similar to game value. This time it is in Slovakia where a tournament is held in the capital Bratislava. Rodionov from Austria will meet in the second round with Russia Donskoy. Donskoy enters this tournament ranked number two with a total ranking of seat 97. A fairly even player who may not be able to reach the high heights but to be ranked top 100 is a good business. Takes on the foundation without the results out of about 50/50 in profit versus loss. Lastly he went to the semifinal in Eckental. Will win this match at a normal performance.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Rodionov vs Donskoy

Opponent Rodionov, ranked 256, is far from unable to ask for Russia. A good shape in the back with four straight wins (three of which have been qualifying for this tournament) and a foundation he likes is both a good achievement. In total, he wins two thirds of the matches indoors and has a 13-per cent winnings / 5 losses within this year. In other words, it is a talented player but is forced to play in position because of the rankings. I think if Donskoy can win first and threaten Rodionov in his serve directly in a second set, he will not stand up and the match ends 2-0, relatively comfortably in a second set if now Donskoy wins the first. Because it’s a Challenger, I advise not to play too high on this game.

Prediction Today: Donskoy 2-0

Odds: 2.40

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