Roger Federer vs Matteo Berrettini ATP World Tour Finals 12.11.2019

Predictions Roger Federer vs. Matteo Berrettini – ATP World Tour Finals – 11.11.2019. The first match of the day in the Bjorn Borg group of the Tournament of Champions is that between the Swiss Roger Federer and the Italian Matteo Berrettini, a match in which Federer is obviously a favorite.
But the master is forced to win to keep the chances of qualifying in the semifinals, after losing in the first round.

🎾The latest information before playing betting predictions Roger Federer vs Matteo Berrettini.
Roger Federer

◽️He gave up the first match of the group in the Thiem striker, but the biggest surprise is that he was defeated in minimum sets.
◽️It was a balanced match, but the master lost vital points, which allowed Dominic to break away decisively.
◽️The difference was made by the 3 games per service lost by Roger, which propelled the Austrian to victory.
◽️He is an extremely experienced player here, winning the final 6 times in London.
◽️Given the situation, I expect today to take revenge on Berrettini, a player well below the level of Thiem.

Matteo Berrettini

◽️He was defeated in the previous round, by Novak Djokovic, also in minimal sets, but here the result was predictable.
◽️Unfortunately for him, he only managed to win 3 games in the Serbian duel, being outclassed in all aspects of the game.
◽️The service betrayed the Italian, in the conditions in which he won only 42% of the points started by him.
◽️Even if you improve your service this afternoon, it needs a lot more to maintain a competitive level against the most experienced player in history.

🎾Roger Federer vs Matteo Berrettini direct meetings.

▪️The two opponents fought once more, at Wimbledon this year, on which occasion Federer won without emotion, score 3-0.
▪️It was a game that ran in only one direction, as the Italian managed to win a total of 5 games.

Roger Federer: Player form, news and statistics

◾️Roger (38 years old) declared after the defeat against Dominic Thiem, score 5-7 5-7, that he is not very dissatisfied with his performance, and the small details were what made the difference.
◾️Therefore, the Swiss is optimistic that he can return and qualify, now the tournament is becoming a regular one for him, in the sense that he can no longer afford a new failure, as it would be equivalent to elimination from the competition.
◾️Federer has a pretty fast tradition against players like Berrettini, who serve very strong but move slower due to long segments.
◾️From a tactical point of view, it is expected that the Swiss will definitely dominate this match, as he did in the summer at Wimbledon, when he won in an hour and 14 minutes, after 3 very short sets!

Matteo Berrettini: Player form, news and statistics

◾️Matteo (23 years old) is one of the least qualified players in the Champions Tournament in the last decade.
◾️He had a good chance at the end of the season, his rivals in the race for London stopping incredibly.
◾️Berrettini’s recent form is modest, with 3 consecutive failures in the last 3 appearances on the indoor hard, in Vienna, Paris and in the first match of the group stage, score 2-6 1-6 against Novak Djokovic.
◾️On the indoor hard drive he has a good record, 60 wins and only 28 career failures, 8-6 in 2019. However, he performed best on slow surfaces.
◾️At 1.96 meters and over 90 kilograms, the athlete from Rome is very strong physically, but not as mobile and fast as most of his rivals from this elite competition.

🎾Direct match statistics Roger Federer vs Matteo Berrettini

▫️Federer leads with 1-0 to the direct confrontations, after the undisputed victory with the score of 6-1 6-2 6-2, from the best of Wimbledon 2019.

Tennis Prediction of the Day Roger Federer vs Matteo Berrettini

Although Berrettini had a very good season, he seems to have lost his pace in this tournament.
Federer will enter the field motivated to win and quickly finish the game, because he must keep his energy for the final stages.
The Swiss returns very well, and against a player who had problems on the job, I think he can easily provide a few break points in each set.
I expect a match in which Roger will prevail without major problems and permanently dictate the pace in rallies.

Prediction Today: Roger Federer
Odds: 1.18

I bet with maximum confidence on a match in which Federer will not lose his service more than once.
Berrettini is a reputable player at his own service, but he does not have an uncommon agility, being a massive and relatively heavy athlete.
Roger has the quality to serve very varied, both as placement and alternation of effects, often comes to the net as a result of efficient services.
The difference in intuition in the return was seen in the previous duel between the two, also from here in London, but on the Wimbledon turf, when Matteo created a single break and the save saved by the Swiss veteran.

Bet Tips: Under (Handicap: +1.5) – Matteo Berrettini Total breaks
Odds: 1.87



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