Roland Garros officials MADE THE FINAL DECISION! How did the fans who bought their tickets react

The representatives of the Roland Garros tournament chose not to keep the amounts paid by the tennis fans who wanted to ensure their access to the 2020 edition blocked.

The organizers of the Roland Garros tournament have made the final decision regarding the tickets sold for this year’s edition. The French have decided to reimburse all the money paid for the purchase of access tickets, motivating the uncertainty that surrounds the chances of playing the Paris Slam in 2020.

“The current situation generates too much uncertainty for all the events that gather the public everywhere. While waiting to establish the organizational details of the tournament, we decided to reimburse the amounts paid for the tickets,” Roland Garros officials wrote on Twitter.

“Thanks for the refund, but if Roland Garros takes place in the fall, will we be able to buy tickets for the same seats again? Why didn’t you let people choose to receive their money only if they don’t want to attend in September? Olivier, a dissatisfied fan, asked.

Roland Garros 2020: all tickets sold have been refunded

The choice of Parisians to reimburse the money paid by tennis fans to attend Roland Garros, originally scheduled for May 24 – June 7, guarantees the French freedom of movement, in the sense that they will be able to put tickets back on sale, but according to the new rules social distress required by preventive measures against coronavirus.

Roland Garros remains standing for the period from September 20 to October 4, although the Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, declared that France will not conceive the development of the Tour de France and Roland Garros in the absence of spectators.

Under the given conditions, consequently, three options remain: Roland Garros will either be canceled or will take place without spectators or with a significantly reduced number of spectators. In other words, the 2020 edition of the Slam won by Simona Halep in 2018 will not resemble at all those of previous years.

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