Simona Halep wants prizes equal to the boys’ and supports Federer’s idea: “We must have equal chances!”

Simona Halep joined the approach initiated by Roger Federer and says that it would be an excellent idea for ATP and WTA to unite and have a unique tennis forum.

Currently, tennis spectators around the world need more subscriptions to watch both circuits, so a possible unification would simplify the whole situation.

Also, the other differences between ATP and WTA are related to the different way of establishing the ranking, but also to certain rules, such as on-court coaching.

Halep believes that such a measure would also help tennis to overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which has postponed or canceled many tournaments this season.

“The advantage of this would be the unification of sport, we would become stronger together. With one product, one brand, everyone will work for the same goal, and the future of tennis will be a better one, after this crisis.

Boys and girls should be on the same level in terms of promotion. Let’s have equal chances and, of course, equal prizes everywhere. At the same time, it would be great to have the chance to work closely with top players, “Simona Halep

Roger Federer: It’s too confusing for fans

The great Swiss champion wants the ATP and the WTA to unite and form a single forum, with a single regulation and a stronger one.

Federer started the discussion on Twitter, and among those who were delighted with his plan was Simona Halep.

“I wonder … am I the only one who thinks that now is the time for men’s and women’s tennis to be united and form a single forum?

I am not referring to a union of them in the competitions, on the field, but to a union of the two forums, which lead the professional tournaments in men’s and women’s tennis.

It’s too confusing for fans when there is a different ranking system, different logos, different sites or different categories of tournaments, “Federer wrote on Twitter.

Simona’s answer came shortly: “You are not the only one”, said the Romanian. Among those who were delighted with Federer’s idea were the Argentine Diego Schwartzman (13 ATP) and the Iberian Garbine Muguruza (16 WTA).

All tennis tournaments are suspended until July 13, at the earliest, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

▪️This year’s Wimbledon edition has been canceled.
▪️The Roland Garros tournament has been postponed for September 20 – October 4.


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