The images of Serena Williams’ daughter went viral. What is the two-year-old and 8-month-old girl doing?

Alexis Olympia is only two years and 8 months old, but she perfectly imitates her famous mother. Serena Williams’ daughter became the protagonist in a video on social networks.

Dressed like her mother, the little girl removes her make-up, together with Serena, and takes care to perfectly imitate her movements.

The greatest player in the history of tennis posted the video, along with the following words: “Good morning everyone! We do our morning routine and it’s so funny because this cute little girl does almost everything I do.”

Serena Williams is 38 years old, but has not yet decided to retire

Serena is the youngest of the Williams sisters, but at the age of 38 in September, she continues to play.

In a ranking in which Simona Halep is on the 24th place, The Delite publication claims that Serena Williams is the “queen of tennis”. The American is also the most influential player in the world of tennis. No one has had such an impact on white sport, and his trophies are telling.

Serena has won 23 Grand Slam tournaments and is surpassed in this respect only by Margaret Court, who is in second place in the hierarchy of The Delite. Serena has won 16 more Grand Slam doubles and mixed doubles titles, plus four Olympic gold medals and five times the Champions Tournament.

And the amount of money raised in tennis is the largest in history, $ 92.7 million, although the current times cannot be compared to those of past decades in terms of the amounts offered as prizes.


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