The moment that changed Roger Federer’s career! “I was very confused”

Roger Federer is one of the most important players in the history of tennis, with 20 Grand Slam titles in his record, an all-time record.

The Swiss athlete reveals one of the key moments of his professional success, which appeared at the beginning of his career. Federer admits that after some defeats, he was criticized for his lack of involvement on the field, which led him to raise some questions about his level of training and after a discussion with his coach at the time. , Tony Roche, realized that he can reach a higher physical level.

The moment that changed Roger Federer’s career

“At the beginning of my career, I encountered many problems. After a victory, people said that I made everything look very easy, but when we lost, I heard that I could have worked harder on the field.

My style of play made everything seem easier, so I was very confused. I didn’t know if I had to scream more, frown harder to show people that I work hard. I started training extremely hard when working with Tony Roche.

He asked me if I could play seven five-set matches in two weeks at a Grand Slam tournament. I admitted that I wasn’t 100% sure I would be able to, at which point Tony told me I needed to be convinced I could. That was when I started shooting hard in training, “said Roger Federer, according to Tennishead.

Fifteen years after Roger Federer revealed his collaboration with Tony Starke between 2005 and 2007, the Swiss player went on to win 103 ATP singles titles, including 20 Grand Slams, and be the leader of the hierarchy for 310 weeks. world.

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